Results of the Italian Championship in San Benedetto del Tronto (8-10 September 2023)


Congratulations to Nicola and Francesco Vespasiani (ITA 4), new Italian Champions. Also on the podium, in second place Matteo Pincherle and Carlo Carincola (ITA 8). Third place Manuele Gregori and Francesco Gerunzi (ITA 102).

Final Results of the 2023 FD Italian championship in San Benedetto del Tronto(in pdf)



The Italian championship of the Flying Dutchman class 2023 will be held from Friday 8 September to Sunday 10 September 2023 at the Ragn’a Vela club in San Benedetto del Tronto.

  • San Benedetto del Tronto - Club Ragn'a Vela



By delegation of the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV):

  • CIRCOLO NAUTICO RAGN’A VELA ASD Lungomare Viale Europa, 71 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) Tel.: +39 0735 762230 Email:
  • CIRCOLO NAUTICO SAMBENEDETTESE ASD Via Moletto Parasabbia Tiziano, 1 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) Tel.: +39.0735.584255



For foreign sailors, registrations must be made through the website Coninet Foreign sailors entry form from 15 JULY 2023 to 25 AUGUST 2023 (23.59) and must be completed by 10.00 on 8 SEPTEMBER 2023. The EVENT code to enter is 2023-0006 .

The registration fee is €150.00 and must be paid to the Organizing Committee by bank transfer:

  • IBAN: IT62Q0306909606100000193504
  • Subject (details): FD Campionato Italiano, Sail Number, Name of the helmsman, Name of the CrewP

In the case of a single transfer for several boats, indicate the sail numbers of all boats. A single email must be sent to the following email address: inserting “DOCUMENTS SAIL NUMBER” in the subject and attaching the documents listed below:

  •  Receipt of entry fee (registration);
  • IFDCO Class member card;
  • Certificate of measurement (if applicable);
  • Insurance documents with minimum coverage as per the FIV Regulations for National Sports Activities organized in Italy 2023

Those who have signed up via the website Foreign sailors entry form  properly (The EVENT code to enter is 2023-0006 ) and sent all the required documentation in a single email to will have no other documentation to submit. Furthermore, there will not need to sign the release form, acceptance of the privacy information and transfer of photo and video rights of the event.

The Sailing Instructions will be available at the Secretariat of the Ragn’A Vela Nautical Club starting from 08:00 on 09/08/2023.

Notice of Race Campionato italiano 2023

Presentation of the FD 2023 Italian championship


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